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What is resPNse

resPNse (read Response) is an evolution of what started as LocANTS within the precincts of PaNDR (previously ANTS) at the Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge. LocANTS was a pilot program to take the first steps in modernising, automating and optimising the process followed by ANTS to provide a better acute neonatal transport service which was run across 3 hospitals in the East of England region. With resPNse, we are taking it forward by utilising breakthrough automation and artificial intelligence technology to provide even more tangible operational efficiencies at a scale that can span to not just neonatal but all acute paediatric transport and beyond.

What are we doing


Arun at ANTS

resPNse has now launched the pilot of LocANTS. Please visit our News page for the latest updates on the pilot and story about Aurelia and her family.

resPNse has 2 primary objectives to start with:
1. To convert the proof-of-concept into a robust user-friendly product that can be used in a critical care setting, and
2. Build in a prototype of a decision support system that will mark the evolution of the product into the next level in aiding the operations of the critical care transport team

Each of these objectives will be validated through a controlled pilot run across 3 or 4 sites to gather metrics about the effectiveness of solutions.

How are we doing this

The program works very closely to the clinical and transport teams involved in neonatal and paediatric critical care patient transport as well as with the parent community of the children who are served by this service. We aim to incorporate collective feedback from these conversations into the system so that each stakeholder gets a share of the benefits brought by this improved system into the existing services. We gratefully acknowledge the strong support from various organisations like the MedTech Accelerator and their parent body, Health Enterprise East, the Easter Academic Health Science Network (EAHSN), the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and PaNDR (Paediatric and Neonatal Decision Support and Retrieval Service) (previously known as ANTS) based out of Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge.